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Welcome to MoodHwb

Mood: (noun, English) A state of mind or feeling.
Hwb: (noun, Welsh) 1) hub; 2) boost, lift, fillip.

It’s normal for young people to feel down and not enjoy things sometimes, but when these feelings are severe, long lasting or keep coming back, and begin to affect day-to-day life, this may be a sign of depression. Depression can affect people of any age, and each year as many as 1 in 20 young people experience it.

This package is for young people – and for their families, friends, and professionals who work with young people - who would like to know more about mood, depression and other health issues. It also has advice on self help and ways of staying well, and on where to get help.

  • You might use it because you’re having difficulties, for example if you’re feeling down, or stressed. It’s possible that you only have some difficulties, or that you have many, which are affecting your life a lot. You may even have already been given a diagnosis of depression.
  • Or maybe you’re worried you might have difficulties in the future. For example if someone in the family has had problems with their mood, or if you’re under a lot of stress.
  • Or it might be used by a family member, carer, friend or professional who is worried about a young person.

This package has been developed from talking to lots of young people, including many who have had difficulties, as well as families, professionals, and designers. It’s also based on the best research available, and is supported by many organisations. It’s been built so that it’s safe, secure, private and confidential.

There are various options to help personalise it...You might like to use it on your own or with someone you trust...You can choose the language...And the ‘hide’ button can be used to leave quickly at any time…Answering the questions at the start helps to find the sections that are most relevant for you…and helps you monitor how you’re feeling, so you know when you might need to do something differently, or when to ask someone else for help. It’s also possible to skip the questions, and just browse. All information you put in to the package is stored in the personal profile section…This will only be seen by the person using it, although you might like to show it to someone you trust.

The package has six sections, and there are lots of illustrations, animations, personal stories, and interactive subsections. Some parts might be more relevant to you than others. It takes around 15 minutes to complete each section, but it’s possible to just dip in and out, if you don't wish to work through a whole section in one go. Five of the six sections have been written mainly for young people: it’s usually better to start at the section on ‘what is mood and depression’… The other sections cover: possible reasons for depression, self-help, where to get help and other health difficulties, such as anxiety. There is another section for families, friends or professionals – and this complements the topics in the young persons’ sections.

There is also an app you can download – to help you to monitor your mood and other issues, store links to helpful resources, and set yourself goals.

Remember, if you are going through severe difficulties which are affecting your life, it’s better that you talk to someone you trust or get help – rather than keep it to yourself. Depression can be treated – and there is a link to the ‘where to get help’ section on the welcome screen.

The package can help those who want to know more about mood and depression in young people – the sections and animations from the package can be used again and again, whenever they are needed.